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Music CD Grading Condition: CD Disc:

Mint (M): new, unplayed, still sealed

Near Mint (NM or M-): no scuffs or scratches, no obvious signs of wear, plays perfectly

Very Good Plus (VG+) : CD may have a few minor scratches or scuffs but has been well cared for, plays perfectly.

Very Good (VG): CD may have more noticeable signs of light wear with light scuffs or light scratches, but plays perfectly.

Good (G), Good Plus (G+): May have a lot of scratches or scuffs and signs of wear but still plays without any problems.

Music CD Grading Condition - Covers, Inserts, Inlays, Booklets, Jewel Cases

Mint (M) - covers/inserts/inlays/booklets/jewel cases: no signs of wear or imperfections, still sealed

Near Mint (NM or M-): covers/inserts/inlays/booklets/jewel cases: not sealed but no obvious signs of wear

Very Good Plus (VG+): covers/inserts/inlays/booklets: may have minor wear or a small  cut out hole or cut corner on the jacket.  jewel cases: may have a small crack on the plastic or a small cut out

Very Good (VG): covers/inserts/inlays/booklets: may have noticeable light wear, a small amount of writing, or a small tear, or a larger cut out or cut corner. jewel cases:  may have a more noticeable crack or a larger size cut out hole on the plastic jewel case

Good (G), Good Plus (G+) : covers/inserts/inlays/booklets: may have a larger tear or noticeable signs of wear, or writing. jewel cases: may have a larger size crack or a broken hinge.

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